Question: What should I say in my bumble bio?

What can I write about me on Bumble?

Here are some of the best Bumble bios along with some quick writing tips and tricks to help you create a good profile as quickly as possible:Greater than/less than bio. First and last bio. About me/about you bio. Three simple things bio. One smartass comment bio. Obscure reference bio. List of likes bio. By day/by night bio.Sep 29, 2018

How do I write a good Bumble bio?

Best Bumble Profile Bio IdeasChoose an Appropriate Photo. Your photo is probably the first thing that catches a users attention. Less than/Greater than Bio. First and Last Bio. About me/About you Bio. Three Simple Things. Obscure Bio. Listing your Likes. By Night/By Day.More items •2 Dec 2020

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