Question: Why do people live in Regina Saskatchewan?

Regina is a welcoming place to call home and excellent location to raise a family. With hundreds of parks and an abundance of sport and recreation facilities, arts and cultural centres, museums and performance spaces, major attractions and events all year round, there is something for everyone.

Why do people choose to live in Saskatchewan?

Of course, theres more to Saskatchewan than a flat prairie land and cold winters. The region boasts of enticing wages, lots of employment opportunities, favorable government, and fast economic growth.

What is Regina Saskatchewan known for?

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan. Often known as the Queen City, Regina is the second largest city in the province and is located on Treaty 4 territory, and Homeland of the Métis people. Regina is rich in history and heritage and is one of Canadas fastest growing major cities1.

Is Saskatchewan a cheap place to live?

Cost of Living Housing costs are lower in Saskatchewan than in most major cities in Canada, and owning a home is affordable and achievable for most people. Unlike other Canadian provinces, there are no personal premiums or personal charges for basic and needed health services.

Is Saskatchewan a safe place to live?

There is a higher than average crime rate in Saskatchewan, especially in rural areas; year after year the province scores highly in all crimes, with the rate committed per 100,000 people being up to double the amount compared to other parts of Canada – including big cities across the country – and in the last few years

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