Question: Where is the team Magma leader?

Where is Team Magma boss?

Maxie (Japanese: マツブサ Matsubusa) is the head of Team Magma. In Pokémon Sapphire, Maxie helps the player against Team Aqua. In Pokémon Ruby and Omega Ruby, he first appears in an attempt to steal the Devon GoodsR/Devon PartsOR from Captain Stern at the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City.More items

Where is Team Magma in Omega Ruby?

Lilycove City bay The Team Magma Hideout is located in a small cove in the Lilycove City bay. You will need Surf to enter the base. A number of green warp pads are located around the hideout.

How do I open the Magma Hideout?

In Emerald, when the player gets close to the spot in Jagged Pass, the hideout will open up in response to the Magma Emblem that the player received at Mt. Pyre.

Where do I go after Lilycove City?

When you are done exploring Lilycove, go back to Route 121 and go to the middle of the route, then go south to Route 122. There are no items or trainers in Route 122, so just Surf south through the route until you reach Mt. Pyre in the southeast.

How do you get past the Wailmer in Lilycove City?

Go to Lilycove City in eastern Hoenn. Use Surf to travel northeast from the beach until you find the cave that serves as Team Aquas hideout. If you overshoot the cave, you will run into the barricade of Wailmer. Enter the cave and head for the door in the northeast corner of the entrance room.

Where is the Lilycove gym?

Finally, it is home to the Move Deleter. Lilycove is located southeast of Fortree, near the sea. The western entrance of the city is Route 121, leading to Mt .Lilycove City.Lilycove Cityミナモシティ Minamo CityWhere the land ends and the sea begins.

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