Question: What time is Classic FM requests?

Weekdays, 12pm-4pm. From 12pm every weekday, Anne-Marie Minhall is at the helm for Classic FM Requests – and, when the dedications are all concluded at 2pm, she remains your friendly companion through the afternoon. Tweet @ClassicFM, text 61812 or email using the form below to request some music.

How do I contact Classic FM for a request?

You can make a request in one of three ways:Simply email us your request via the Requests page.Call 0345 7 49 1812 during the shows.Text us your request on 61812.

Who is Bill Turnbulls wife?

Sarah McCombiem. 1988 Bill Turnbull/Wife

Who does the breakfast show on Classic FM?

Alexander Armstrong announced as the new host of Classic FMs flagship weekday morning show. Alexander Armstrong takes over from John Suchet, who goes on to host a new weekday evening concert programme on Classic FM.

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