Question: How does your personality change after bariatric surgery?

Mood Changes Because of the surgery, your diet becomes much more restrictive. This restrictive diet reduces the amount of carbohydrates you can take in, which causes serotonin levels to go down. Decreased serotonin can cause depressive symptoms. You may also deal with mood swings as a result of your low-carb diet.

How does bariatric surgery change your life?

Bariatric surgery improves your quality of life physically because youll become more mobile. It will help you regain your independence, improve your breathing, increase your energy and stamina, and diminish joint pain caused by excess weight.

Why am I so emotional after gastric sleeve?

With the combination of sagging skin, dietary changes, and unrealistic expectations that often accompany weight loss surgery, many patients experience depression post-op. Depression can be crippling and may even send a patient into an unhealthy spiral of overeating. Talking with a loved one often helps.

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