Question: Do caravans have plug sockets?

Most caravans, motorhomes and folding campers have electrical equipment fitted by design. If you are bringing electricity into a tent you will need to buy a special hook-up lead with two or more damp-proof sockets, each of which will take ordinary 13A plug, as you would use at home.

How many sockets can a caravan have?

Caravans can be connected to your car so that you can control turn signals and tail lights while towing. Theyre connected using a trailer plug (also known as a caravan plug). There are two types of trailer plug available to caravans: 7-pin plugs and 13-pin plugs.

How do I install a caravan plug?

5:0010:36How to install an anderson plug in your 4WD - YouTubeYouTube

How much does it cost to fit an Anderson plug?

An Anderson plug is easy to install with a few simple tools such as a crimper, screwdriver, and power drill. The wiring work is best done by a registered auto-electrician. The plug itself costs less than A$20. The wiring and installation work can cost up to $200 depending on the vehicle.

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