Question: When was Eilish born Katie?

Katie (August 24, 1988 – 1992) and Eilish Holton (born August 24, 1988), were Irish conjoined twins born to Mary and Liam Holton of Donadea, Co Kildare. They were joined at the pelvis and the legs and were the subject of several newspaper articles and later a two-part television documentary.

Are Katie and Eilish Holton still alive?

When Katie and Eilish Holton were three-and-a-half years old, their parents, Mary and Liam, decided that - despite the risks - the girls had to be surgically separated. Three days after the operation, Katie died. Eilish survived, and has just celebrated her 12th birthday.

What happened to Eilish and Katie?

Soon after surgeons separated them in 1992, at the age of three, Katie died of heart failure - it transpired that she had a weak heart and the operation had effectively saved Eilish. Now, with her special lightweight prosthetic leg from Oklahoma, six- year-old Eilish can walk, kick a ball, and attend the local school.

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