Question: Is it bad to have a relationship in high school?

Are relationships good in high school?

Having a relationship in high school can teach you valuable lessons for later on in life. Teens have the opportunity now to figure out what they want in a significant other, as well as what to look out for. “Its cool experiencing the same things with your significant other because youre in high school.”

Why you shouldnt be in a relationship in high school?

They may date for fun, for someone to support them, or basically have a devoted friend. This way of thinking leads to the person giving parts of themselves to others. So high school students shouldnt date as they are unprepared for going into marriage and/or bringing emotion and physical problems to the relationship.

Is it bad to never have a boyfriend in high school?

Go with the flow and focus on your studies. Its okay not to have a boyfriend by sophomore year, and even all throughout high school for that matter. Most boys arent even mature by the time theyre an adult. So focus on getting those straight As and start looking at colleges instead of love.

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