Question: Where did Rahul Sharma and Asin get married?

Asin got married to Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma on January 19 in a Christian wedding ceremony followed by Hindu rituals near Delhi. The 30-year-old Ghajini star tied the knot in a simple, private ceremony attended by family and close friends at a resort hotel.

Where did Asin get married?

Delhi The marriage was held in Delhi in January 2016, with both the Hindu and Christian rituals observed by the couple and their families. Asin made it a point to ensure Akshay Kumar played her best man during the wedding functions, whom she credits for finding her the best man in the world.

Who is the father of Asin?

Joseph Thottumkal Asin/Fathers Asins dad Joseph Thottumkal, who is to go under the knife for an appendectomy, has been attending to all of his daughters business calls from bed. He is on a drip. No food allowed and still hes constantly on the phone discussing and confirming my prior engagements. Hes very clear on one thing.

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