Question: What companies use landmark forums?

Landmark seminars and courses are very well known and have been used for decades by thousands of successful companies and institutions such as lululemon, Reebok, Apple, Mercedes-Benz USA, police departments and NASA, to name just a few.

What is the cost of Landmark forum?

Tuitions for The Landmark ForumFull TuitionDepositUNITED STATES (US Dollars)$675$200AUSTRALIA (Australian Dollars; including GST)$795$110BRAZIL (Brazilian Reals)2,000500CANADA (Canadian Dollars; including taxes)$735$15031 more rows

Is landmark a pyramid scheme?

Landmark forums shameless MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid scheme) style of marketing starts on the first and second day itself. The only difference is that you as a member dont get paid to enroll more people.

Is Landmark an MLM?

They dont do MLM or pyramid scheme in a sense that whoever signs up new people are not actually getting monetarily benefited. But in reality, its nothing but a very successful Viral marketing strategy that they have smartly invented.

What was est in the 70s?

EST was part of the Human Potential Movement of the 1970s, which emphasized human agency and personal growth as a response to generational ennui. Not coincidentally, Erhard had drifted through Scientology and a program called “Mind Dynamics” before launching EST.

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