Question: How do you ask someone to hook up again?

How do you get a one night stand to hook up again?

So if you want to hookup again, consider one of these nine texts.Last night was fun. Last night was beyond hot. You did [*insert sex thing here*] so good. You took me on quite a ride last night. You were so impressive last night. We should do that again. I thought about the other night all day.More items •Jan 29, 2019

How do I get my hookup to want me back?

How to make your hookup miss you. I was never good at taking the hookup and turning it into a relationship. #1 Give them some space. #2 Dont give them what they want. #3 Youre not just a hot body. #4 Keep living your life. #5 Leave on a high note. #6 Make a real connection. #7 Dont chase them.More items

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