Question: What happens when Cupid hits you with an arrow?

What happens if you get hit by Cupids arrow?

When cupid first strikes, the body responds by releasing a cocktail of chemicals, including dopamine and adrenaline. These chemical surges may leave one love struck and incapable of rational thought for a short period of time. PeskyMonkey/iStockphoto.

Why does Cupid have a bow and arrow?

In both Greek and Roman Mythology, Cupid always had a bow and arrow which he used to shoot the power of love wherever he wanted it to go. According to Shakespeare, the reason was because as a chubby little boy, Cupid often changed his feelings about things especially those having to do with love.

What does Cupid do with the gold and lead tipped arrows?

Cupid gets his revenge by shooting one gold arrow at Apollo to make him fall in love, and another (lead-tipped this time) at the beautiful Daphne to make her fear and hate love. In Parmigianinos Cupid Carving His Bow, the love god turns to look at us as he hews his wicked weapon.

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