Question: How accurate is ink dating?

This technique managed to spot the age of the ink on documents written up to five years previously and with an approximation margin of about 20%. In these cases, significant dating errors occur because the type of paper used and the mass/quantity of the ink deposited influence the analysis.

What is ink identification test?

liquid chromatography Determining individual dye components ― An examination called liquid chromatography can be conducted to identify the chemical composition of inks on a document. In this technique, a small cutting from the questioned document is dissolved in a solvent and analyzed.

How are the age of documents determined?

The age of documents may also be determined by examination of the paper, ink, toner and other attributes of the document. Some of these examinations require engaging specialists such as ink chemists, paper experts and others.

How do you date a paper?

If youre writing in MLA style, list the date, month and then year. Do not use commas. For example: 14 March 1985 or March 1985. If youre writing in APA style, list the month, date and then year.

What is the importance of ink analysis in questioned document examination?

The importance of ink analysis has been noted in case of obliterations for differentiating the ink on basis of its chemical composition; further, the source and also the age of ink which ultimately gives the approximate age of the document providing leads and clues in the investigation process.

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